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About Us

AllStar Technology is your trusted partner for comprehensive Information Technology (IT) management and technical services in and around Sioux Falls, SD. We understand business, we're experts with technology, and we take pride in applying those skills to help you succeed.

Our empowering philosophy is what sets us apart. While many IT companies excel at fixing computers, AllStar is dedicated to IT empowerment. Our objective is to strengthen your team to a point where our services are no longer a necessity, yet instill the foresight to recognize their ongoing value.

Since 2002 when David Vrooman founded the company as PRO Computing, we have been delivering professional IT support to customers from home office to enterprise, each with their own unique needs and diverse budget considerations. Our track record showcases our ability to provide innovative and cost effective solutions for a wide range of customers and technological challenges.

We firmly believe that IT should not merely be an expense; when done right your IT provider becomes a source of real value. We leverage technology to improve productivity, enabling you to anticipate, plan for, and capitalize on future opportunities.

Our Services

IT Management

IT Management

  • •   Stay ahead of IT issues with proactive system monitoring & maintenance.
  • •   Safeguard your data using information security best practices.
  • •   Comprehensive remote and onsite support options.
  • •   Easy and secure work-from-home solutions.
  • •   Customizable maintenance packages to fit every budget.
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Web Design

  • •   Responsive website designs starting at only $499.
  • •   Custom web and mobile app development (Android/iOS).
  • •   Custom programming for advanced projects.
  • •   Support for popular CMS systems, such as WordPress and Joomla)
  • •   User-friendly eCommerce, Point of Sale (POS), and event ticketing solutions.

Database Design

  • •   Custom database designs to meet complex requirements.
  • •   Both online and local database designs available.
  • •   Professional support for CRM systems like Salesforce, Jira, and Confluence.
  • •   SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, and Microsoft Access supported.
  • •   Low code/no code solutions to save time and money, specializing in Caspio.
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