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About Us

AllStar Technology offers comprehensive Information Technology (IT) management and consultancy services to organizations in and around Sioux Falls, SD. We understand business, we know technology, and we are happy to put our skills to work for you.

Our philosophy is what sets us apart. While most IT companies do a fine job of fixing computers, AllStar practices IT empowerment. Our goal is to help your team become strong enough that you no longer need our services but far-sighted enough to know that you still want them!

Since 2002 when David Vrooman started the company as PRO Computing we have provided professional IT support to customers at all levels, from home office to enterprise, each with their own unique needs and very different budget levels. We can be trusted to deliver innovative, cost effective solutions for nearly any technological challenge which might arise.

We believe that IT does not have to be just an expense – if done right your IT provider can bring real value to you and your organization, harnessing technology to improve productivity while helping you to see, plan for, and capitalize on what is yet to come.

IT Management

IT Management

  • •   Stay ahead of IT issues with proactive system monitoring & maintenance.
  • •   Protect your data using information security best practices.
  • •   Phone-based, remote, and onsite support available.
  • •   Easy and secure work-from-home solutions.
  • •   Customizable maintenance packages to fit every budget.

Web Design

  • •   Responsive website designs starting at only $499.
  • •   Custom web and mobile app development (Android/iOS).
  • •   Custom HTML/CSS/PHP/JavaScript programming.
  • •   Support for CMS systems (e.g. WordPress, Joomla)
  • •   Easy to use eCommerce, Point of Sale (POS), and event ticketing solutions.

Database Design

  • •   Custom database designs to meet complex requirements.
  • •   Both online and local database designs available.
  • •   Professional support for CRM (e.g. Salesforce, Jira, Confluence,
  • •   Microsoft Access, SQL, MySQL, NoSQL supported.
  • •   Low code/no code solutions available to save time and money, specializing in Caspio.
    Caspio Certified Developer

Our Services

IT Support
  • •   Remote IT Support – Very often we can help you with your questions or issues from our office, saving you both time and money.
  • •   Onsite IT Support – When we can’t fix your problems remotely we can come onsite to your location, one of the many benefits of using a local Sioux Falls-based IT company.
  • •   Online Helpdesk – Click HERE to submit support tickets 24/7/365. Tickets are handled on a first-come fist-served basis. Priority helpdesk response is available with certain maintenance plans. Click HERE for an overview of our maintenance plans.
  • •   Wi-Fi & Network Support – When you think networking think AllStar. Whether you're looking for faster speed, better security, or broader connectivity, we have cost-effective solutions to accomplish any network-related goals you might have.
  • •   Data Security & Encryption – Customer data security is one of our top considerations. Different organizations have different needs - protecting health, payment, and legal data requires a stronger level of security (and a larger investment) than what many companies require. We can help you to make good decisions, balancing security vs. cost to find a level that is right for you. Click HERE to learn more about information security.
  • •   Virtualization – Make the most out of your hardware resources by implementing virtualization technology such as VMWare, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox.
  • •   User & Email Management – We fully support Active Directory, Exchange, and Microsoft 365, including user management and email configuration, and we have advanced anti-spam solutions available which work with any email server.
  • •   Onsite Backup Solutions – Whether you're looking to backup just a single PC or you have a complicated server array across multiple sites, we have backup solutions to meet every need. For most workstations we install free software which creates daily full-image backups to local devices such as USB Hard Drives or Network Attached Storage. Full-image backups include everything on your computer – all the programs, settings, and data.
  • •   Unlimited Cloud Backup – In addition to onsite backups, we stronly recommend that you store a copy of your data offsite, that way your data is protected even in case of a fire. We offer different cloud backup solutions, including our basic plan which offers unlimited storage of supported file types for only $5/month/device.
Managed IT Services
  • •   Scheduled Maintenance & Updates – There are many advantages to being proactive with IT support.
    • •   Fewer physical failures due to well-maintained hardware.
    • •   Fewer security incidents due to regular software updates.
    • •   Less chance of data loss due to monitored backups.
    • •   Less chance of problems going unnoticed due to automated reporting.
    • •   Higher work productivity due to fewer technology issues.
    • •   Cost savings due to fewer technology-related work stoppages.
  • •   Service Level Agreements – Organizations covered by a maintenance agreement have the peace of mind of knowing that a technician is always available to help, a promise backed up by a written Service Level Agreement.
  • •   Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) – RMM software is a huge advantage for any workstation or server. It allows technicians to schedule automated updates on PC's and to get alerts if any problems with hardware or software are detected. It also allows for remote unattended access, meaning that technicians can often fix problems without requiring any sort of customer interaction. Due to the extra time required for technician monitoring, RMM is available only if your organization is covered by a maintenance agreement.
Web Technologies
  • •   Website Design – We provide full-stack web development solutions and we also support Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Joomla. Basic templated websites start at only $499! We're also happy to help you with content updates and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • •   Web Hosting & Domain Registration – Visit our website to receive wholesale pricing on domain registrar and web hosting services, backed by industry leader GoDaddy.
  • •   SSL Certificates – You can also visit to receive wholesale pricing on secure SSL certificates to protect your websites and email.
Databases & Applications
  • •   Software Application Design – Most often it's best to use out-of-the-box software solutions for your projects, but sometimes they don't fit the way that you want to do business. We can help you by developing custom software programs, everything from a simple web form for collecting customer information to a fully automated multi-user database designed to manage your entire business. You can count on AllStar Technology to deliver a quality solution, both on-time and on-budget, to meet even your most challenging needs.
  • •   Data Conversion – We can help you take all your data from one program and transfer it to a different one, given whatever limitations might exist due to the software in question.
Other Services
  • •   Expert Shopper Service – Unlike most IT companies we offer an Expert Shopper Service in addition to traditional reseller services. As a reseller we purchase products using our own payment method and then we mark up the product for resale. As Expert Shoppers we spend time researching the best possible pricing and then we place the order on your own payment details, managing the purchase and shipping for you while billing only for our time. Since we have no profit motive you know that you’re getting the best possible product selection at the best possible price.
  • •   Strategic Planning – We are happy to provide you with strategic advice on IT topics such as online marketing, team collaboration, cloud integration, working remotely, efficiency improvement, and many others.
  • •   Technical Documentation – We can help by developing step-by-step instructions with detailed screenshots for any process so that workers can easily complete tasks as needed.
  • •   Technology Training – We offer an online video library covering over 200 different topics such as Windows 11 Essentials, Mastering Microsoft Word, Excel Power Functions, Microsoft Teams In 30 Minutes, Advanced Quickbooks, Staying Safe Online, Project Management Fundamentals, and many more for only $15/month/user (no annual commitment required). View the full course catalog HERE. We also offer in-person training on many technology related subjects.

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