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Hourly Small Office Custom Standard Full Service
# of PC's
# of PC's
# of PC's
Hours /month
# of PC's
# of PC's
Hourly Rate
Labor Hours Included Annually
0 monthly maintenance monthly maintenance + ALL REPAIR LABOR INCLUDED
24/7/365 Helpdesk LOGIN
Helpdesk Response Time As Possible 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 1 Business Day 1 Business Day
Emergency 2-Hour Response Not Available Available Available Available Available
Onsite Service Minimum Charge 1 Hour Minimum Actual Time Actual Time Actual Time Actual Time
Remote Service Minimum Charge ¼ Hour ¼ Hour ¼ Hour ¼ Hour ¼ Hour
On-Call 24/7/365 Not Available Available Available Available Available
Priority Response Ringtone Not Available Available Available Available ✓ Included
Loaner PC Not Available Available Available Available ✓ Included
Requires Onboarding No No No Yes Yes
Annual Maintenance Planning Review No ✓ Included ✓ Included ✓ Included ✓ Included
Equipment Logging and Reporting No ✓ Included ✓ Included ✓ Included ✓ Included
Remote Management & Monitoring Software Not Available Available Available Available ✓ Included
Unlimited Cloud Backup Available Available Available Available ✓ Included
Video Learning Library Available Available Available Available ✓ Included
Expert Shopper Service Available Available Available Available Available
Website Design Services Available Available Available Available Available
Website Hosting, Secure Certificates, Domain Management Available Available Available Available Available
* Maintenance Plans require a minimum 12-month commitment and will be automatically renewed unless cancelled at least 30 days prior to renewal date. Time is billed in ¼ hour increments.
Frequently Asked Questions
Hourly Maintenance Plans include a set number of hours which can be used in any way you want, including for non-IT tasks such as website design. To get an idea of how many hours to plan for please consult the next FAQ.

With Device Maintenance you pay a set cost per device that you want protected. Once per month we perform scheduled maintenance to verify backups and keep your computer up-to-date. With our Full Service plan, if any problems are discovered they will be repaired at no additional cost for labor (parts costs are covered by their own warranty, if applicable).

Software covered under a Full Service agreement includes all versions of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and any other software we install as part of our standard system load. Other Microsoft applications such as Exchange Server, SQL Server, and SharePoint are not included in the Full Service plan and will be billed separately.

Plan your hours usage (approximate times provided):

Task Time Frequency Annual Estimate
PC Physical Cleaning ¼ Hour Annual ¼ Hour/PC
Maintenance/Backup Check, Non-Critical PC ¼ Hour Quarterly 1 Hour/PC
Maintenance/Backup Check, Standard PC ¼ Hour Monthly 3 Hours/PC
Maintenance/Backup Check, Important PC ¼ Hour Weekly 13 Hours/PC
Maintenance/Backup Check, Critical PC ¼ Hour Daily 60-90 Hours/PC
Account Management (e.g. password changes) ¼ Hour As Needed ½ Hour/PC
Misc. Repairs/Updates/Usage Questions ¼ Hour As Needed 2 Hours/PC
Network Update/Repair ¼ Hour As Needed 2 Hours/Location
Backup Testing/Verification 2 Hours As Needed 2 Hours/Device
Website Design, Economy 4 Hours One Time
Website Design, Standard 15 Hours One Time
Website Design, eCommerce 25 Hours One Time
Web Application Design 10-100 Hours One Time
Website Content Updates ¼ Hour As Needed 3 Hours/Website
Website Search Engine Optimization ¼ Hour Monthly 3 Hours/Website
Website Maintenance/Updates ¼ Hour Monthly 3 Hours/Website
Domain Management/Renewal ¼ Hour Annual ¼ Hour/Domain
End-User Security Training 1 Hour As Needed 1 Hour/User
Yes, unused Hourly Maintenance hours will continue to rollover indefinitely as long as an active maintenance agreement remains in place. No refund is provided for unused hours once an agreement expires.
Device Maintenance covers everything required to keep your computer operational, including troubleshooting devices connected to your computer such as printers, scanners, monitors, and speakers. We also provide basic troubleshooting of networking equipment. We do not cover repairs to any of those peripherals, but we do cover replacement. If any of those devices required configuration by us to operate properly then that would be billed as extra time, as would setup of new devices.
The Helpdesk is an online portal located HERE where you can submit questions or support tickets at any time of the day or night. You can also generate an emergency ticket for immediate service, although there may be an extra charge for doing so. Once you've created a ticket you can log in whenever you want to follow the progress or add additional details. Tickets are worked in the order they are received, but priority helpdesk tickets are always placed higher on the list than non-priority tickets. We do our best to respond to support requests within 1 business day.
All maintenance agreements include a free annual assessment, review, and report. The report you receive will detail your covered devices and their current maintenance status, along with recommendations for improvements if any are recommended.
We offer different cloud backup solutions, including our basic plan which offers unlimited storage of supported file types for only $5/month/device. Supported file types include: documents, spreadsheets, database archives, photos, videos, music, PDFs, zip files, presentations, and websites. Unsupported file types (files not backed up) include: browser cookies, .exe, .iso, and .log.
RMM software is a huge advantage for any workstation or server. It allows technicians to schedule automated updates on PC's and to get alerts if any problems with hardware or software are detected. It also allows for remote unattended access, meaning that technicians can often fix problems without requiring any sort of customer interaction. The cost for RMM software is $10/month/PC with enhancements like premium antivirus or backup services available. Due to the extra time required for technician monitoring, RMM is available only if your organization is covered by a maintenance agreement.
We offer an online video library covering over 200 different topics such as Windows 11 Essentials, Mastering Microsoft Word, Excel Power Functions, Microsoft Teams In 30 Minutes, Advanced Quickbooks, Staying Safe Online, Project Management Fundamentals, and many more for only $15/month/user (no annual commitment required). View the full course catalog HERE.
Yes, in addition to providing website design services we offer a full range of online services to keep your business connected, including web hosting, secure certificates, and domain management. To view the entire range of products we offer please CLICK HERE.